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25 Acres, $150,000 US ($300,000 BZ) 4HF990

A self-sustainable homestead just off the Farmers expressway! This 25-acre homesite is cleared and fenced, hosting fertile soils throughout that offer a head start at a bustling ranchette. The property, conveniently connected to the Farmers expressway via a solid gravel road, is only a fifteen-minute drive from the farming communities of Spanish Lookout and Buena Vista. A converted RV trailer home sits on the property coupled with a wooden verandah and galvanized metal roofing, making for a lovely starter home with a patio. The converted home comes equipped with two solar panels an inverter and a backup generator for electricity. For water, there is a freshwater well and pond providing potable water, with water tanks connected directly to the home. A wooden cabin set away from the main house adds the potential for a caretaker or a private guest quarter. A myriad of mature fruit trees covers 3.5 acres of the property, providing the owner with a viable source of tropical fruit such as avocados, mangoes, coconuts, assorted citrus, and other exotic fruits. There is also a corral designated for livestock, a stable for horses, two pig pens, and two chicken coops. With considerable development done already, this resourceful acreage offers a significant start to any venture!